This time we have collected a very awesome nail art tutorials that will make you want to try each one of them at least once . These aren’t just any nail art ,these are practical and very useful to try, People usually don’t know how important a simple nail art can be and how much it effects the view point of the others about you.


1) The Silver Heart

This one is my favorite and absolutely love it ,it’s so easy to do and very stylish, It shows that a woman really thinks about the details of her looks and makes her seem a very clean person which guys really digg ūüėČ

 2) Cute dots

I wouldn’t normally recommend this for 18+ but if you are wearing something very colorful and bright , you could match this with your style to have a unique look.

 3) Stripes nail art

You want to make people to notice your fashion? then this one will do it for you , Trust me you can’t go unnoticed .

 4) Classic nail art

This one focuses on the classic looks . also you could try different colors with this pattern and even a slight modification to pattern could lead to a great nail art. (source).

 5) shape nail arts (nail decals)

 6) Elegant nail art

 7) Very Delicate and Sexy

This one is also one of my favorites , it has a very clean and delicate feels to it,you could try this with reddish color or just black , both would look great on you based on what you wear . it’s a perfect nail art if you want to make a first impression on a date that will last and make him chase you.

8) Red Stripes 

 9)Colorful nail art (inspirational)

10) Red & gold

11) Very cute 

This one is really cute but since each finger has a different pattern it won’t make you look childish but a girl with inner child in her. if you can match this with a cloth you will be the strongest person you know,it will give you an unlimited confidence .

12) Split

This one is for people who try bold dresses .

 13) Ancient Pattern

I like this one just because of how easy is and how you can easily try different thing with the same method,also if you try other colors with this , it will still look very Cool , this you must try .

14) Two stripe 

 15) Half Star nail art

This one can be used for a different occasions (Family dinner,Friends gathering,casual outgoing,…)