Wrench Open The Door

What do you do when your door handle gives way? Grab a wrench and try and open the door using it? Bingo! The same idea is being applied to the Wrench Handle; the only difference is that it’s a gilded, up-scaled version rather than a makeshift quick-fix.

Designer: Tirdad Kiamanesh

Stop That Door!

Hand Door Stopper is a clever way to pull down the doorstopper without having to bend over or using your foot. The stopping mechanism is integrated into the handle itself and is very convenient. Moreover the angle of the door handle will always make you aware that the stopper has been activated. So no accidental door-pushing! Simple and functional, just the way we like it.

Hand Door Stopper is a 2011 Sparks Award winning entry.

Designers: Yu-Jin Kim, Jong-Chan Mun, Joon-Ki Park & Eun-Ji Yoo

Enlightened Door

The very stylish ORB Door Handle can be used in diverse scenarios thanks to the integrated LED light ring. For a bathroom door handle, a lit-up ring can indicate the room is busy. For a hotel room door it can signify DND and for the children’s room it can be the nightlight!

Designer: Michael Samoriz for Umbra-design

Endangered Door Handles

As soon as this came across my email, I immediately channeled my good samaritan ego and flipped open my checkbook. Listen, you’re smart. You know some of the most recognizable animals are on the endangered species list but that knowledge probably failed to motivate any kind of action. The idea behind Endangered Door Handles are handles that look like the animals themselves – a little reminder everyday and I assume all proceeds go to conservation work should this concept ever get approved.

Designer: Roohollah Merrikhpour

Enchanting Doorlight

There is something very instinctive about finding your way to the door of a room during blackouts. Based on this instinct, it will be so clever to integrate a flashlight into the handle, so that you have an emergency light handy, wherever you need it. I love the LEDoorHandle, which is based on this simple idea! It doubles up as light sensor mood lights for those who like to indulge in fancy fittings. And the system uses the locking-motion of the handle to harness and charge the lithium batteries of the flashlight.

LEDoorHandle is a 2011 Spark Awards Winner.

Designers: Kun-hee Kim, Kei Shimizu & Nguyen-vu Dang

What a Sterile Door!

Until we can cure common communicable diseases, our best defense is prevention. Door knobs and handles are huge breeding grounds for those microscopic bastards so why not create self-steralizaing door handles? BAM, we’ve got one here for you called wait for it… the Door Handle with Self-Steralization System. Uses UV light to do the dirty work. Simple design and effective. Explains why it won a Red Dot concept award.

Door Handle With Self-sterilization System is a Red Dot Design Concept winning entry.

Designer: Choi Bomi

How to Read a Door Handle

How do you get indoors? How about out the door? How about if you’re a velociraptor?! How about if you’re just a normal person, just looking for a little bit more meaning in your life. How about in a knob? Just as good a place to look as any, right? Here’s one called “Pinnacle.” This knob/handles is made to celebrate form and function with an embossed Braille surface containing a hidden message that I’m just sure you’d love to read.

I ask you: can you read Braille from your computer seat, looking into this frame here? That’s not a very useful skill. The alternate title for Pinnacle is Handle.With.Care, with the periods. This handle informs us that a little extra message adds spice to any healthy industrial design project. Spice and salty sugar. Yummy.

Designer: Emily Kaye Pettitt

Never Miss the Key Hole

Lost in the dark! That’s usually what happens when you get home from a long day of working, skateboarding, drinking, whatever! It’s dark outside, you wanna get into your house, but by golly if it isn’t the most difficult thing in the world to get that key aligned with the key hole in order to insert and turn! Here’s the key to this problem. The “V Lock.” It’s got a v. You put the key in the v. You open the door. Perfect.

I think you’ll understand this concept in basically 0 seconds. It’s just that obvious. Props to designer Junjie Zhang for making the world a more intuitive place, one lock at a time.

Designer: Junjie Zhang

Crystal To Open Doors

The Open-Me is a fancy crystal ring that doubles up as a security agent. Besides looking like a hip piece of jewelry, the geometric cut of the crystal is the key to opening your doors. A 3-D scanner embedded in the door lock scans the facets of crystal, and pops open only after authenticating the cut. Only probs is that in a fit of rage, if you ever smash that crystal, you’d be locked out forever!

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane

TWIST & SHOUT (about forgetting the code!)

Yet another “twist” on something we twist everyday. Designer Jess Han has re-imagined the simple door handle with a DaVinci Code style lock that denies entry for all but the chosen few (cue: dramatic music). This intuitive door handle dubbed the “NUMLOCK HANDLE” features a numbered dial-lock that re-shuffles and locks itself after every successful entry. Get the code incorrect and Tom Hanks gets punched in the gut by an albino assassin. The numbers can be replaced or supplemented with braille for that extra level of mystery.

Designer: Jaeseok Han

You Fall Down in the Bath So Much

How many times have you fallen down in the bath today? Seven? Eight? Let’s make it an even 5 times. Five times you’ve fallen down in the bath today. What’s to be done for those times you don’t get back up again? Haishan Deng has designed the door mechanism for you. It is called “Help Lock”. And it beeps so loud, you’ll probably get back up under your own power!

Here is the deal. The first time you activate the Help Lock doorknob, you program in a phone number and a time. This is the amount of time you get to be in the bathroom without the door going NUTS!

From the first time forward, each time you close the door and hit the “go” button, you have the alloted amount of time to use the toilet, shower, bath, or do whatever else – after that alloted amount of time, an alarm goes off!

The alarm sounds for 30 warning seconds (it’s quiet) during which you can still turn it off, followed by Loud Noises and a phone call to the programmed number.

With this knob, you will always be safe! And/or paranoid to madness.

Designer: Haishan Deng

A Knobby Light

Designer Jeong-Sun Park is a deep man heavily interested in the butterfly effect – the idea that variations systematic outcomes can dictate behavior. His Knob Light is a door knob with an internal generator that stores energy and illuminates the way in emergencies or whenever you need a guide to the loo. How it relates to the butterfly effect theory is esoteric but simply by expanding the knob’s function to include illumination, you effectively change the way you use the knob.

Designer: Jeong-Sun Park

The Doorknob Signal

We’ve seen it before, the universal sign of “I have company, go away” signal. Often taking form as a tie around a doorknob or the potted plant flipped over. There’s got to be a more high-tech way. The Doorknob Condition uses an innovated pulley system that makes the knob on the exterior recess inwards when pulled from the inside. Without a knob to use, there’s no way to get it. Sure it could be great for security but who are we kidding? We know exactly how a doorknob like this would be used. Too bad it doesn’t have a little timer to indicate when to come back.

Designer: Arnaud Lapierre