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Awesome Nail arts Tutorials That You Must Try

This time we have collected a very awesome nail art tutorials that will make you want to try each one of them at least once . These aren’t just any nail art ,these are practical and very useful to try, People usually don’t know how important a simple nail art can be and how much it effects the view point of the others about you.   1) The Silver Heart This one is my favorite and absolutely love it ,it’s so easy to do and very stylish, It shows that a woman really thinks about the details of her...

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Awesome Eye Makeup Tutorials – Must know For every women

2) Purple Eye Shadow – makes you look Sexy  3 ) Golden Eye Shadow  4) Easy Yet Very Slick and beautiful  5) Hint of red eye shadow  6)  7) Try this for a Ceremony with a simple dress to look sizzling Hot  8) Beautiful Eye Shadow  9) Try this to Remove your Competitor ( Evil laugh )  10)Elegant, wear it with a simple dress to show off your natural beauty: 11) 12) If you ever want to use glitter for eyeshadow this is how you do it :  13) Try this to grab the attention of every guy on...

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